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Architecture Consulting

Architecture Consulting

With increased business and technology exposure and automation in every organisation, it is paramount that the organisation lays good foundation in their technology solutions. Technology architecture enables to achieve higher efficiency in implementing IT solutions and smooth digital transformation. Some of the benefits as quoted below for adopting better architecture

Translatable and tangible vision
Contributes to improve innovation
Provides scalable and secure solution
Reduces risk of failure
Lowers TCO
Lessen duplication of efforts
Provides ease of integration across different services/products

CloudJune provides following services in Architecture Consulting Services

  1. Technology Strategy and Roadmap
  2. Technology Architecture blueprint
  3. Tool and process selection
  4. Cloud transformation approach and roadmap
  5. Enterprise application adoption/optimization
  6. Change management and planning
  7. Security Reference Architecture
  8. Devops adoptions


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